Three Diseases Fund, Myanmar

The Three Diseases Fund (3DF) ended its activities in December 2012. An independent evaluation is available, which assesses the Fund's impact over its 6 year period. A new Fund, the THREE MILENNIUM DEVELOPMENT GOAL FUND (3MDG) has been set up building on the successful work of 3DF.

3DF was a US$138 million multi-donor consortium that aimed to reduce the human suffering caused by HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria in Myanmar. A consortium of donors comprising the European Commission and the Governments of Australia, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom established a pooled funding mechanism in October 2006 to finance this effort. Denmark joined the Fund in 2009.

The Fund's core aim was to provide a simple and transparent way to finance a nationwide programme activities in the three disease area; informing the public, reducing the transmission of the diseases and enhancing patient care and treatment through access to essential drugs and related services.

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The 2011 3DF Annual Report is now available for download.


The Three Diseases Fund - final evaluation

Now available for download


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